Monday, October 28, 2013

Closet Costume Challenge #2 - Demeter, Greek Goddess of the Harvest

My second venture into the world of closet costumes transformed me into Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain and the harvest. What's nice about dressing as a deity from any religion is that there are many different depictions and illustrations of pretty much anything goes as long as your outfit reflects the character. I chose the color green and plant motifs, which are reflected in all the accessories. I believe the pin most resembles the harvest. :)
(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Dress - Goodwill
Scarf - Oscar de la Renta (vintage)
Flower crown - Icing
Earrings - Vintage
Ring - Forever 21
Pin - Vintage
Sandals - KMart

The lip gloss is Nyx Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream.

Remember, if you try out any of these ideas, or if you create a Halloween costume solely from items in your wardrobe, leave pictures or messages in the comments below or on Twitter using the hashtag #PleatherandPolish. I would love to see your ideas!!

And, as Halloween grows closer, I will be sure to post a picture of my real Halloween costume...which was NOT made from items in my wardrobe. Halloween's almost here!!

Samantha xx

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